Pisa bus maps

We recommend this efficient bus route finder map (below) for Pisa, Italy, because pdf network maps for Pisa are likely to be out-of-date. Public transport routes can change from year to year and the local bus company has, at the time of writing, stopped producing them. See simple instructions in the red box.

The route finder below shows, as an example, the bus routes between the central train station and the Piazza del Duomo (location of the famous leaning tower).
* To find other routes between different starting points and destinations, click ‘More options’ in the box. This loads a bigger map.
* Then delete the example points in the boxes.
* Then click on the map to set your starting and end points (or type them).
*This displays the route or route options and details of times, frequencies and bus numbers.

There’s a similar route finder on the Italian bus company’s website.
Pdf timetables can also be downloaded from there. Look for Linee e orari (Lines and times) and then Linee urbane Pisa (Pisa city lines). The timetable for each line is under the column heading of Orari.


Think twice before taking the bus. Pisa is not a big city, and the main tourist sites are just a pleasant 20-minute walk from the station, with interesting streets, churches, shops and markets on the way. It’s flat all the way too. Get a map from the tourist info at the station first or use the map on your phone.

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