German for maps and timetables

Finding the latest official Austrian or German transport maps and up-to-date timetables on the web is sometimes easier if you know the German words to search for and the local city name if it’s different from its name in your language e.g. Wien / Vienna. Searching in English, for example, may lead you to out of date maps on travel websites or in some cases to nothing at all. If that happens, the German-English glossary below can help you find and understand the maps and information that you need.
Another useful tool is Google Translate.

SEARCH TERMS (German-English):
bus(sen) – bus(es)
zug/züge – train/trains
karte(n) – map(s) or ticket(s)
plan – map or schedule
(fahr)karten – (travel)tickets
fahrplän(e) – timetable(s)
stadtplan – city map
stadtlinie – urban line
regional – regional
liniennetzplän – network plan
verkehrsnetz – transport network
verkehrslinienplän – transport plan

PLACES (German -English):
zentrum – centre
bahnhof/bahnhaltestelle – station
hauptbahnhof – main station
flughafen – airport
haltestelle(n) – stop(s)
straße (pronounced ‘stras-se’ – road

TIMETABLES (German -English):
sommer – summer
winter – winter
wochentage – weekdays
ferien – holidays
Montag – Monday
Freitag – Friday
Samstag – Saturday
Sonntag – Sunday
abreise – departure