Copenhagen transport maps

Copenhagen (København), Denmark: maps of the public transport networks, showing routes of buses, metro, s-togs (trains), and boats

Maps of all the transit services in Greater Copenhagen and the City of Copenhagen are on the website. Click one of the maps below to go straight to the site with maps of bus routes, train services and metro lines and stations. Or for general information about public transport in Copenhagen and the region of Zealand, see below on this page and the local transport information for tourists.
Copenhagen bus train and metro maps
Maps of Copenhagen public transport networks: bus routes, train services and metro lines and stations

City buses which run at regular 4-7 minute intervals during business hours.
A-buses stop frequently en route.

Quick and direct buses with few stops en route.

Regional trains and S-trains run according to the timetables posted at the stations.
Schedules are also available online.

The Metro runs regularly, 24 hours a day, with minimal waiting time. Next departure and destination are always announced on the platform.

Danish – English
busser = buses
og = and
tog = train
natbusser = night buses
dagbusser = day buses
Storkøbehavn = Greater Copenhagen

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