Lyon public transport maps

Bus maps and other public transport maps for Lyon, France, are regularly updated, so the most up-to-date pdf network maps for Lyon’s buses, trams, metro and funicular railways are found on the website of the local transport operator, TCL ( Look for Lyon – Villeurbanne for the main city map and Agglomération for the map that includes the suburban lines and surrounding communes.

The routes are coded on the map as follows: M = metro / subway; T = tramway; F = funicular; C = major bus routes; BUS = all other busses: standard, local and intercity.

bus map Lyon, France
Lyon city transport map
transport map: Lyon and suburbs
Lyon and suburbs

How to use city transport in Lyon

Most public transport in Lyon runs from 5 a.m. to midnight.
A single ticket gives you one hour’s travel on a bus, tram, funicular or metro or any combination of these within the hour.
Tickets can be bought on board buses or, at slightly lower prices, at vending machines in metro and tramway stations. Always remember to time-stamp your ticket at the start of your journey. Risk a fine if you forget.

Get a Lyon City Card to have free unlimited access to Lyon’s transport network (except for airport transfer) in addition to its other benefits.

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