Cologne bus map, rail map

The latest (2022) bus maps and rail map for Cologne (Köln in German) can be viewed and downloaded as pdfs on the website of the local public transport operator, KVB. Select the map image below to go there.Then scroll down to the bottom of the KVB page to find the map or maps that you want. Download and zoom in as required.

Click to see all.Cologne transport maps (image link)

The available public transport maps are as follows:

  • Railways in Cologne
  • Bus network Cologne (total)
  • Cologne bus network (left bank of the Rhine)
  • Bus network Cologne (right bank of the Rhine)
  • Network Night Traffic
  • Rendezvous plan – night traffic
  • Journeys without stairs – line network
  • Journeys without stairs – barrier-free through Cologne (Flyer)
  • Rail Network in the Cologne region
  • Regional bus and rail traffic to cities such as Aachen, Mönchengladbach, Münster, Essen, Düsseldorf, Dortmund etc.)

Cologne Bonn Airport to the city

There’s a train  station inside the airport, and getting from there to Cologne central station takes just 10 minutes on the train. There’s a good bus service to the city too.

Some trivia

Köln is the city’s correct name in German; Koeln is an acceptable spelling if you can’t type the umlaut (two dots) over the o. Cologne is the French and English name for it.
Some other alternatives are  Colonia (Italian and Spanish), Keulen (Afrikaans and Dutch), Kèlóng 科隆 (Chinese), Kerun – ケルン (Japanese), Kjol’n – Кёльн (Russian), Koelleun / K’oellŭn – 쾰른 (Korean), Kolín nad Rýnem (Czech), Køln (Danish and Norwegian), K’oln – Кьолн (Bulgarian), Kolonía – Κολωνία (Greek), Kūlūniya – كولوني (Arabic),.

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