Reykjavik & Iceland: Bus Maps

The most up-to-date public transport route maps for Reykjavik and the rest of Iceland are from the local bus operator’s website. They include an easy-to-use route planner and two pdf bus network maps:
– the Reykjavik capital area bus network pdf map;
– the map of long-distance routes throughout Iceland.

Reykjavik public transport bus map

When you’ve figured out which bus line and bus stop you want, you can find timetables for each one on the bus company’s timetable page. Current schedules for Reykjavik city buses, are there, as well as the timetables for provincial buses.

On the same website, user information for passengers includes details of current fares, disabled access, and Frequently Asked Questions.

How to use buses in Iceland

Icelandic bus

Iceland’s new (from March 2022) KLAPP ticketing system gives you three ways to pay for your bus journey in Reykjavik and beyond. See below.

Alternatively, you can still pay in cash as you enter the bus. But you need the correct money for this as drivers can’t give change. Debit/credit cards are accepted for provincial buses, but not on city buses. Enter at the front of the bus and leave at the back.

How to use Iceland’s new bus ticketing system
• Buy a KLAPP card at one of the numerous vendors. The card can cover a single journey or a period. Then instead of paying cash when you travel, you just put this wireless card on the electronic validator as you enter the bus. If you need to top up your card, go to the website, register and go to ‘My Pages’.
• Or download the KLAPP app to your smartphone to buy single tickets or periods for travel.
• Or buy a KLAPP 10 pass to pre-pay for 10 tickets. You then validate the code as you board the bus. Note that you can’t pay a fare for more than one person with this pass card.

For full information, see the bus company’s KLAPP FAQs.

Bicycles on buses in Iceland

The middle section on city buses in Reykjavik has space for a few bicycles. Bikes can also be taken on country buses if there aren’t too many.

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