Italian for Maps and Timetables

Finding Italian transport maps and timetables on the web is easier if you know the words to search for and the Italian city name if it’s different from its name in your language e.g. (Italian) Napoli / Naples (English). If you’re an English speaker, the translations below can help you find and understand the maps and information that you need.

SEARCH TERMS (Italian-English):
autobus – bus
cartina/mappa – map
linea urbana – urban line
linee – lines
orari – timetables
rete – network
Percorso e fermate – route and stops
urbano – urban
extraurbano – regional

PLACES (Italian-English):
centro – centre
stazione – station
aeroporto – airport
via – road

TIMETABLES (Italian-English):
invernale – winter
estivo – summer
feriali – weekdays
festivi – holidays and Sundays
Lunedi – Monday
Venerdi – Friday
Sabato – Saturday
Domenica – Sunday
partenza – departure

biglietti (pronounced bil-YET-i) – tickets


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