Lucca bus map and transport info

From November 2021 buses in Tuscany, including Lucca, come under the new management of  Autolinee Toscane instead of various local public transport companies. But the 2021 city network map for Lucca is still relevant as the routes, buses, stops and timetables remain the same. The map image below links to this full-size pdf map.

You’ll see on the map that some buses (LAM buses) are identified by colour instead of numbers – blu (blue), rosso (red) and verde (green, pronounced ve-r-de).

Thumbnail image of Lucca bus map

There’s also a trip planner map on the new Autolinee Toscane website. That one is good for both urban and regional trip planning.

On the timetables page, select Urban Services, then Servizi Urbani Lucca. Or for bus times between Lucca and other places in Tuscany, select Suburban Services and Servizi ExtraUrbani LU .


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