Napoli (Naples) Bus Map

A bus route map for Napoli (Naples) Italy isn’t easy to find on the internet. But just click the map image below to view one. It’s in Italian, of course and, like many things in Naples, it may not work as well as it might! As the zoom function isn’t currently working, it’s best to display it full screen and scroll around to get your bearings. Look for the Centro Storico (Historic Center); then to the right of that you’ll see the Central Train Station and the place where the Alibus (airport bus) stops; the airport is top right, etc.

public transport bus map Napoli (Naples)

Napoli’s metro and train map is easier to find. It includes the metro lines, funiculars, suburban train lines and regional railways.

Airport to your destination

Alibus is the shuttle bus between Capodichino Airport, the central train station and the port. To get all the way to your accommodation, it’s often easier to book a taxi or a seat on a shared taxi shuttle (budget-friendly. See below.).

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