Palermo bus maps and info

For an online pdf map of public transport bus and tram routes in the city of Palermo, Sicily, click the city bus network map below. This opens the full-size map in a new window. The local bus company, AMAT Palermo S.p.A., issued this map some years ago. It’s a useful overview, but for more up-to-date information, and for the Airport bus map, see further below.

click_mouse_iconMap of bus routes in Palermo, Italy

For the most up-to-date information, use the interactive route finder on the AMAT website. Find routes between any two points in Palermo, including departure times. You can also display any particular bus or tram line to locate stops.

Palermo Airport bus
Airport to hotel transfers
How to use city buses in Palermo

Note that city buses in Palermo may be overcrowded, slow and rarely on time, but if you are patient and flexible, buses are an economical way to get around and see local life. If you don’t know Italian and need help with the timetables, consult this short Italian-English glossary for bus timetables. But remember that the official schedules may be only loosely related to reality.

Airport bus map and info

The shuttle bus between Palermo’s Aeroporto Falcone Borsellino and the city is run by a different company called Prestia e Comandè. Look for a big modern coach with that name on it when you exit the airport. You buy tickets at the office near the stop or on the bus. Or you can buy in advance on the website, which is slightly cheaper.
The buses run every 30 minutes and stop at nine places on their way between the airport and the central station in Palermo. See the Prestia e Comandè website for details and timetables.

Airport-to-hotel transfers

Warning: If your accommodation isn’t close to one of the stops on the airport bus route, be careful if you are tempted to pick up a taxi at the airport. You will almost certainly end up paying far above the official rate unless you book in advance with one of the more reliable fixed-rate services.

How to use city buses in Palermo

• Buy a ticket at a tabaccheria (tobacconist) or an AMAT bus booth.
• Or buy on the bus at a slightly higher price.
• On the bus, get your ticket stamped immediately in the little yellow machine.
• Warning: riding with an unstamped ticket risks a big fine.
• If you plan more than two journeys, get a day pass instead.
• Passes for more than one day are even better value.
• Passes should be stamped only at the beginning of the day’s first journey.

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