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The bus operator for Pisa and the whole of Tuscany changed in late 2021. Routes and timetables remained mostly the same, but some old maps on the web may be slightly out of date by now. This pdf transport network map still provides a fair overview, but for the best information, we recommend the Trip Planner at Autolinee Toscane, the new public transport company. It’s good for both city and regional trip planning.

Just enter Start and End points (+ time and date if not immediate) to see a bus route on the map and details of other bus, cycling and walking options.

Timetables are on the new Autolinee Toscane website too. On the Timetables page, select Urban Services, then Servizi Urbani Pisa. Or for bus times between Pisa and other parts of Tuscany, select Suburban Services and Servizi ExtraUrbani PI.


Think twice before taking the bus. Pisa is not a big city, and the main tourist sites are just a pleasant 20-minute walk from the station, with interesting streets, churches, shops and markets on the way. It’s flat too. Get a map from the tourist info at the station first or use the map on your smartphone. Or rent a bike with a phone app for a self-guided bicycle tour.

For the major sites, consider booking ahead to avoid disappointment and long ticket lines, especially in summer.

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