Rome transport maps: bus, tram, train, metro

The latest up-to-date Pdf maps for buses, trams, trains and metro lines in Rome (Roma) and suburbs and region can be downloaded from the website of ATAC, the company that runs the public transport network in Rome. There’s a 2MB map for the city centre and an 8MB map for the whole city.
Just click on the thumbnail map below and then choose your pdf to download.

Roma bus and transport network maps

Airport to city bus

There are fast convenient and budget-friendly shuttle bus services from both airports (or the cruise port) to the centre of Rome and vice versa. These are easier than the train if you have luggage, and the staff are helpful.

A useful tip

In Rome, you can waste hours waiting in line to buy tickets for all the world-famous sites. But there’s an easy solution (See below).
Rome: tourists waiting in a long line

Just get a pass online. Click the link and choose the one that’s best for you.