Bucharest Public Transport Maps

The latest public transport pdf maps for Bucharest/Bucureşti, Romania,  are on the websites of Bucharest’s road transport operator, STB, and the metro train operator, Metrorex (Details below).  These bus maps and metro map stay up-to-date from year to year. Beware of other websites with old maps! 

For bus maps, tram and trolleybus maps, scroll down the STB home page and choose from the following seven links on that page:

Map of public transport routes in Bucharest

  • Click STB lines for the general pdf map of Bucharest’s entire road transport network
  • Click Tram, Trolleybus, Bus, Express (public airport buses), Regional, or Night if you just want a map of one of those e.g. regional buses.
  • Click a line number to see that route on a street map with the locations of its stops.

On the same page, there’s also a downloadable schedule (timetable) for each line in pdf format.

The Metro
For Bucharest’s metro lines and stops, see the latest Metrorex metro map.

Useful Vocabulary
Here’s a Romanian-English translation of some public transport-related words:
harta – map
tramvaielor – trams (on rails)
troleibuzelor – trolleybuses (with overhead links to power cables)
autobuzelor – buses
autobuzelor preorasenesti – suburban buses
regio/regionala – region/regional
autobuzelor de noapte
– night buses

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