Bus maps, Siena Italy

Four up-to-date bus maps for Siena Italy and the surrounding area (See the list below) are provided by the local public transport management company. They can be printed or downloaded to your device. Select the one you want and zoom in or out as necessary.
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Bus Map 1: The historical centre of Siena

This is a fairly small area accessible only on foot. Cars are prohibited, but there are a few minibuses called Pollicini that serve some of the streets in this old part of the city.

Bus Map 2: The urban area of Siena

Not including the historical centre. Click the map.
Siena city bus map (thumbnail)

Bus Map 3: includes suburban Siena.

Bus Map 4: The region around Siena

This map includes bus routes from Siena to Florence (Firenze), Pisa, San Gimignano, Arezzo, Montepluciano, and many other places in Tuscany.

Bus times and other information are on the same bus company site. For help with the Italian vocabulary, see the Italian-English glossary for timetables.

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